Wikiquote:Cambiar el nombre de usuario/English

How to change the usernameEditar

  • First, make sure that the desired username is not taken, or if it is, that it has no edits or very few and was registered a long time ago (in such case, the account may be usurped). Check it at Especial:Listusers, or you can use SUL util. Notice that all userpages are in "Usuario:" namespace, not "User:"
  • Make sure the desired username does not go against the policy of usernames. In short, the restrictions are that
    • It may not be confusing with the username of another user.
    • It may not include features of wikipedia, or give the idea that the user has editing rights it does not have. Notice that administrators are called "bibliotecarios" ("Librarians") in this wiki, so try to avoid usernames related to that.
    • It may not contain random or unreadable sequences of numbers or characters
    • It may not promote hate, pornography or attacks, either to real people, groups of people or wikimedia users of any project
  • Make sure you are logged in with the account you wish to change from. Requests will not be accepted if they are made by another account or by an IP (unless you are placing an SUL request)
  • Go here, and place this template:
{{subst:Renombrarusuario|Current user|New user|Reasons of the change|~~~~}}
Replacing "Current user" with you current username, "New User" with your desired username, and "Reasons of the change" with the reasons of the change. Place the template at the very end of the page.
  • Watch the page if new questions arise.

SUL renamesEditar

If you are not registered on the Spanish Wikipedia but want to take over an unused account here so that you can register for SUL, the procedure is almost the same. For the "Current user" field in the request template, use None (SUL request). You will need to prove your identity since you are posting from an IP address. One way is to make an edit on the English wiki (or any other wiki you are active on) to your user page, that clearly shows you want an SUL takeover on this wiki, then give a link to that edit.