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[[w:Diógenes de Sínope|Diógenes]] (Llamado '''Diógenes de Sínope''' o '''Diógenes el cínico''', para diferenciar de otros Diógenes clásicos), [[w:sofista|sofista]] griego. Muchas de sus sentencias nos han llegado a través de [[w:Diógenes Laercio|Diógenes Laercio]].
# Gasoline Tanker: Laid down, 24 February 1945, as MV Tarland, a Maritime Commission type (T1-M-BT2) tanker hull, under Maritime Commission contract (MC hull 2640), at Todd Shipbuilding, Houston, TX.
[[Image:Diogenes von Sinope.jpg|thumb|Diógenes el cínico]]
# Launched, as Rincon, 5 June 1945
# Delivered to the Maritime Commission, 5 October 1945 and chartered for operations
* "Busco un hombre honesto."
# Acquired by the Navy and assigned to Military Sea Transportation Service (MSTS), 1 July 1950 for operations
* "El elogio en boca propia desagrada a cualquiera."
# Placed in service as USNS Rincon (T-AOG-77), 1 July 1950
* "El insulto deshonra a quien lo infiere, no a quien lo recibe."
# During the Korean War Rincon participated in the following campaigns:
* "El movimiento se demuestra andando."
Korean War Campaigns Campaign and Dates Campaign and Dates
* "Probablemente los asnos se rían de ti, pero no te importa. Así, a mi no me importa que los demás se rían de mi."
Second Korean Winter
* "Un pensamiento original vale mil citas insignificantes."
19 September to 25 October 1951
2 January to 30 April 1952 Korean Defense Summer-Fall 1952
1 to 10 May 1952[[Imagen:pope.jpg]]
# Placed out of service, circa 1976
# Transferred to the Maritime Administration (MARAD) for lay up in the National Defense Reserve Fleet
# Transferred, (loaned) to South Korea, under terms of the Security Assistance Program, 21 February 1982, renamed ROKS Soyang (AOE-55)
# Struck from the Naval Register, 23 October 1998
# Final Disposition, scrapped, circa 2000
# Rincon earned two battle stars for Korean War service
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