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<!--''Wikiquote is not a compendium of song lyrics or entire poems, and there are are definite copyright issues in using more than a few lines of modern songs or modern poetry, even under [[wikipedia:en:Fair Use|Fair Use]] provisions. While there are no legal impediments to using entire poems or lyrics in the [[wikipedia:en:Public Domain|Public Domain]], the use of entire poems or the full lyrics of any songs are not encouraged, and a selection process of significant '''statements''' within a poem or a song should generally occur. '''Postings of copyrighted works on the internet does NOT place them in the public domain.''''' -->
[[de:Wikiquote:Was Wikiquote nicht ist]]
[[en:Wikiquote:What Wikiquote is not]]
[[fr:Wikiquote:Ce que Wikiquote n'est pas]]
[[pt:Wikiquote:O que o Wikiquote não é]]
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