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== Read-only reminder ==
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A maintenance operation will be performed on [https://zonestamp.toolforge.org/1629871231 {{#time: l F d H:i e|2021-08-25T06:00|en}}]. It should only last for a few minutes.
This will affect your wiki as well as 11 other wikis. During this time, publishing edits will not be possible.
Also during this time, operations on the CentralAuth will not be possible (GlobalRenames, changing/confirming e-mail addresses, logging into new wikis, password changes).
For more details about the operation and on all impacted services, please check [[phab:T289130|on Phabricator]].
A banner will be displayed 30 minutes before the operation.
Please help your community to be aware of this maintenance operation. {{Int:Feedback-thanks-title}}<section end="MassMessage"/>
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