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Hello Samuele, I just reverted the categories you created. The author template includes ephemeris categories automatically and since in Spanish months aren't written with a capital letter, the system can't recognize them that way. The dates category is completely structured, see [[:Categoría:Efemérides]] so any other similar category about dates appearing in red is erroneous, you just have to edit the article and correct the misspelling. Anyway, thank you for your contributions and contact me any time you need to. [[Usuario:Cookie|Anna <small>(Cookie)</small>]] 05:54 5 ene 2018 (UTC)
:[[Usuario:Cookie]] Sorry I did not know this. --[[Usuario:Samuele2002|Samuele2002]] ([[Usuario discusión:Samuele2002|discusión]]) 11:51 5 ene 2018 (UTC)
== Greetings & thanks ==
Greetings Samuele2002! I never thank admins for their individual anti-vandal/spam actions because it would take up too much time and distract both parties from other tasks, so here's a blanket thanks for keeping an eye on this small project and for your past and future edits. Cheers! --[[Usuario:Technopat|Technopat]] ([[Usuario discusión:Technopat|discusión]]) 23:49 28 ene 2021 (UTC)