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Este proyecto podrá ser aplazado de ser necesario. Puedes [[wikitech:Switch_Datacenter#Schedule_for_2020_switch|consultar la agenda en wikitech.wikimedia.org]]. Cualquier cambio será anunciado en la agenda. Habrán más notificaciones al respecto. Se exhibirá una pancarta en todas los wikis 30 minutos antes de que esta operación ocurra. '''Favor compartir esta información con tu comunidad.'''</div></div> -- <span dir=ltr>[[m:User:Trizek (WMF)|Trizek (WMF)]] ([[m:User talk:Trizek (WMF)|talk]])</span> 17:11 21 oct 2020 (UTC)
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== [[m:Special:MyLanguage/Tech/News/2020/44|Tech News: 2020-44]] ==
<section begin="technews-2020-W44"/><div class="plainlinks mw-content-ltr" lang="en" dir="ltr"><div class="plainlinks">
Latest '''[[m:Special:MyLanguage/Tech/News|tech news]]''' from the Wikimedia technical community. Please tell other users about these changes. Not all changes will affect you. [[m:Special:MyLanguage/Tech/News/2020/44|Translations]] are available.
* You will be able to read but not to edit the wikis for up to an hour on [https://zonestamp.toolforge.org/1603807200 October 27 around 14:00 (UTC)]. It will probably be shorter than an hour. [https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T264364]
* Last week, links to "diffs" from mobile watchlists and recentchanges were linking to page-revisions instead of diffs. This has now been fixed. [https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T265654]
'''Changes later this week'''
* There is no new MediaWiki version this week.
'''Future changes'''
* Since the introduction of the [[m:Special:MyLanguage/Interface administrators|interface administrators]] user group in 2018, administrators couldn’t view the deleted history of CSS/JS pages. Now they can. [https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T202989]
* There was a problem with the [[Special:Tags|Change Tags]]. The software would apply the "{{int:Tag-mw-reverted}}" tag to any page actions such as page-protection changes if they came directly after a reverted edit. This has now been fixed for new edits. [https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T265312]
* The [[mw:Special:MyLanguage/Talk pages project/replying|Reply tool]] will be offered as an opt-in [[mw:Special:MyLanguage/Beta Feature|Beta Feature]] on most Wikipedias in November. Another announcement will be made once the date is finalized. [https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T266303]
'''''[[m:Special:MyLanguage/Tech/News|Tech news]]''' prepared by [[m:Special:MyLanguage/Tech/News/Writers|Tech News writers]] and posted by [[m:Special:MyLanguage/User:MediaWiki message delivery|bot]] • [[m:Special:MyLanguage/Tech/News#contribute|Contribute]] • [[m:Special:MyLanguage/Tech/News/2020/44|Translate]] • [[m:Tech|Get help]] • [[m:Talk:Tech/News|Give feedback]] • [[m:Global message delivery/Targets/Tech ambassadors|Subscribe or unsubscribe]].''
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