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::::In the case of WQ images in Spanish, its function is to include the footer quotations that the editor considers relevant, and not to describe the image or illustrate the concept without citations. Nor should many images be placed, and always in proportion to the size of the article. That's the rule, simply. And remember, not the Spaniards, the community of Iberoamerican country, that's includes Spain, Latinoamerican USA, and some other part like lands in Philipinas. Or in other words Wikiquote in Spanish. -[[Usuario:Ayagaures 0|Ayagaures 0]] ([[Usuario discusión:Ayagaures 0|discusión]]) 16:57 10 may 2019 (UTC)
Yes, not many images! Today I've concentrated in Montesquie and Hannibal and placed 'em in wikis not having a picture. One example is Anti-Polonism: the Polish Wikipedia had only a couple of pictures of Nazis' cruelties, so the painting of Poles brought to Siberia should be necessary.--[[Usuario:Risto hot sir|Risto hot sir]] ([[Usuario discusión:Risto hot sir|discusión]]) 17:11 10 may 2019 (UTC) - At least one image is needed, otherwise the article seems to be veeeery dull. "One picture tells more than thousand words", so actually they are quotes. Food for the eyes!--[[Usuario:Risto hot sir|Risto hot sir]] ([[Usuario discusión:Risto hot sir|discusión]]) 21:25 10 may 2019 (UTC) - Now even the painting of Simberg is reverted ([[Muerte]])! What's left: only sickness! Revenge for my opinions? Adios!--[[Usuario:Risto hot sir|Risto hot sir]] ([[Usuario discusión:Risto hot sir|discusión]]) 22:34 10 may 2019 (UTC)
== Último aviso por las buenas ==
The following note to a user of Wikiquote in Spanish is in English for the benefit of the Small Wiki Monitoring Team (SWMT).
Risto hot sir, following on from your responses to other editors above, very much in the same vein as your responses at other Wikimedia sister projects, please reconsider your editing here at Wikiquote in Spanish. As you seem to have a history of adding images to Wikiquote pages in different languages, and have also [https://es.wikiquote.org/w/index.php?title=Muerte&type=revision&diff=359252&oldid=359249 recently been involved in an edit war here], I must inform you that indiscriminate editing is not welcome at this project and action will be taken to prevent it if necessary.
If you wish to contribute constructively to this project, please be aware that all edits here must —obviously— comply with the corresponding official policy here at Wikiquote en español. Surely that should go without saying?
Regardless of image use policies at other sister projects, you must therefore bear in mind [https://es.wikiquote.org/wiki/Wikiquote:Pol%C3%ADtica_de_im%C3%A1genes the following points (freely translated, for your benefit, from Wikiquote:Política de imágenes)]:
* Each image must include its corresponding alternative text using the image alt parameter.
* Each image must clearly correspond to the text it illustrates.
* Wikiquote is not a gallery of images and articles should not have an excessive number of images, especially when there is not much text.
Note to global rollbackers/sysops, etc.:
This user is [https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Special:CentralAuth/Risto_hot_sir currently blocked indefinitely on Wikipedia in Dutch and on Wikiquote in Dutch and Wikiquote in Finnish] (together with at least one temporary block at Wikipedia in Finnish). A quick look at [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_talk:Risto_hot_sir the user’s talk page at Wikipedia in English also reveals a history of disruptive editing there], resulting in at least two admins also threatening blocks on that Wikipedia.
Notwithstanding all of the above, if you require help in editing constructively here at Wikiquote en español, please do not hesitate in leaving me a message on my talk page, always bearing in mind local policies and the spirit of collaboration at this project. Un saludo, --[[Usuario:Technopat|Technopat]] ([[Usuario discusión:Technopat|discusión]]) 23:11 10 may 2019 (UTC)