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::::Well, you don't have to understand much local language if you place images to articles (without English text), Wikimedia shows them. If I find a good picture I for sure want to share it. Today I've placed tens of pictures in many wikis, and only the Spaniards have reverted 'em. Why is that?--[[Usuario:Risto hot sir|Risto hot sir]] ([[Usuario discusión:Risto hot sir|discusión]]) 16:49 10 may 2019 (UTC)
::::In the case of WQ images in Spanish, its function is to include the footer quotations that the editor considers relevant, and not to describe the image or illustrate the concept without citations. Nor should many images be placed, and always in proportion to the size of the article. That's the rule, simply. And remember, not the Spaniards, the community of Iberoamerican country, that's includes Spain, Latinoamerican USA, and some other part like lands in Philipinas. Or in other words Wikiquote in Spanish. -[[Usuario:Ayagaures 0|Ayagaures 0]] ([[Usuario discusión:Ayagaures 0|discusión]]) 16:57 10 may 2019 (UTC)
Yes, not many images! Today I've concentrated in Montesquie and Hannibal and placed 'em in wikis not having a picture. One example is Anti-Polonism: the Polish Wikipedia had only a couple of pictures of Nazis' cruelties, so the painting of Poles brought to Siberia should be necessary.--[[Usuario:Risto hot sir|Risto hot sir]] ([[Usuario discusión:Risto hot sir|discusión]]) 17:11 10 may 2019 (UTC)