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::Thank you for notices. I've been told that "Spanish Wikiquote is not a collection of images". Look at the impressive painting that was in the article Slavery! now there's a miserable image of one slave. All the paintings I've offered to es-Wq are from English Wikipedia or Wikiquote, so it seems that the opinion above is your POV. Of course I will stay off if you want to.--[[Usuario:Risto hot sir|Risto hot sir]] ([[Usuario discusión:Risto hot sir|discusión]]) 16:04 10 may 2019 (UTC)
:::Hello again. When leaving a message I read this. I think it's not about you staying away if it want [[User: Latemplanza]], but it is true that, as you already know that you are an expert user in other projects, the rules of each community must be met. In a previous message I told you that in the past there was a time when, as there was almost no personnel, the maintenance of the project was very difficult and things that did not comply with the rules were allowed. Right now there is a group of users that are updating the project, and applying the rules in their proper sense. That is why it is important that you know the rules, and thus not have to spend time editing their editions. The community will always be willing to help any user who wants to collaborate, but it is essential to know the rules of editing, style, etc. As you can imagine for me it would be very difficult to collaborate on the project in Finnish given that I do not know the language. Thanks for your understanding.--[[Usuario:Ayagaures 0|Ayagaures 0]] ([[Usuario discusión:Ayagaures 0|discusión]]) 16:37 10 may 2019 (UTC)
::::Well, you don't have to understand much local language if you place images to articles (without English text), Wikimedia shows them. If I find a good picture I for sure want to share it. Today I've placed tens of pictures in many wikis, and only the Spaniards have reverted 'em. Why is that?--[[Usuario:Risto hot sir|Risto hot sir]] ([[Usuario discusión:Risto hot sir|discusión]]) 16:49 10 may 2019 (UTC)