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Regards Risto: I am afraid that you are confused with the objectives of Wikiquote in Spanish. On the other hand, if you do not know the language, you can hardly be aware of the regulations and policies for using this tool. For the moment, I am sorry to say that your editions do not provide any help or benefit. If not the opposite. Thanks for your understanding.--[[Usuario:Latemplanza|Latemplanza]] ([[Usuario discusión:Latemplanza|discusión]]) 15:54 10 may 2019 (UTC)
::Thank you for notices. I've been told that "Spanish Wikiquote is not a collection of images". Look at the impressive painting that was in the article Slavery! now there's a miserable image of one slave. All the paintings I've offered to es-Wq are from English Wikipedia or Wikiquote, so it seems that the opinion above is your POV. Of course I will stay off if you want to.--[[Usuario:Risto hot sir|Risto hot sir]] ([[Usuario discusión:Risto hot sir|discusión]]) 16:04 10 may 2019 (UTC)