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:'''Not done!''' [[:m:Checkuser|Checkusers]] can <u>only</u> be elected if there are more than '''25''' people supporting '''&''' they have at least an 85% support ratio. This is global policy, which Magister Mathematicae should know. [[Usuario:Fr33kman|Fr33kman]] 21:44 26 oct 2011 (UTC)
::What you can do, is locally decide the time period for a CU election; I.E., you could leave it open for a few more weeks. [[Usuario:Fr33kman|Fr33kman]] 21:46 26 oct 2011 (UTC)
: This voting was not closed and some user went to meta without first discussing it here. [[Usuario:Magister Mathematicae|Magister Mathematicae]] 21:31 4 nov 2011 (UTC)